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violet_splinter's Journal

choke strangle rip twist her
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.. shamelessly about all things glam ..

&&___ unnecessary member bashing or discrimination will get your ass banned. be warned.
&&___ please use the lj-cut tag when posting more than two images, or images that exceed the table boundary.
&&___ please stay faithful to the community subject as much as possible, while i'm sure your significant other is amazing, this isn't the place to chat about them.

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accessories, acrylic, aesthetics, alt.fashion, androgyny, babes in toyland, babydoll, babydoll dresses, ballerina, barbie, beads, beauty, black, black eyeliner, blue, body jewels, boots, boys in eyeliner, bracelets, braids, candy necklaces, chains, cheap jewellery, clothes, concealer, corsetry, corsets, cosmetics, courtney love, darling violetta, dolls, dresses, dressing up, drew barrymore, dyed hair, edward scissorhands, eliza dushku, extensions, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyeshadow, faerie wings, fairy lights, fairy wings, fake eyelashes, fake fur, fake hair, fake lashes, fake nails, false eyelashes, fashion, faux fur, feather boas, fishnets, fluffy things, foundation, garters, girl cosmetics, girl interrupted, girl scouts, glam, glam metal, glam rock, glam trash, glamour, glamour whores, glitter, glitter whores, goth, gwen stefani, hair, hair bands, hair clips, hair dye, hair extensions, hairspray, heels, henna, highheels, hole, hyper hyper girl lover, interesting hair, jack off jill, jewelry, josie and the pussycats, kat bjelland, katie jane garside, kinderwhore, lace, leather, lenore, lipgloss, lipliner, lipstick, liquid eye liner, liquid eyeliner, lollipops, loreal, make-up, manic panic, mary janes, mascara, nail polish, new rocks, old glamour, piercings, pink hair, platform boots, platforms, powergothgirls, powerpuff girls, pretty boys, princesses, prom queens, purple, riot grrl, riotgirl, safety pins, shimmer, shimmery things, shiny things, shoes, silver, siouxsie and the banshees, skirts, sparkles, sparkly things, stilettos, stockings, stompy boots, striped socks, stripey tights, synthetic hair, tacky jewellery, tattoos, the cranberries, the pixies, the powerpuff girls, thigh highs, thrift stores, thrifting, tiaras, vanity, vintage, vintage clothes, vintage stuff, wigs