Coma Violet Whore (anavrinevol) wrote in violet_splinter,
Coma Violet Whore

story time...

hey everyone. i thought that some of you would be interested in this...

i made a livejournal so that my friends and i can co-write a story/novel. whatever it turns into. i wrote the first part of it, and whomever replies to it can add more to it. i edit it and paste it into a new entry while adding more. if this sounds fun to anyone, look at pseudonumb and comment on the entry. i'll add you and you can join in on the fun.

and just so you know what kind of story it is, my friend told me it sounded like the bell jar a bit. but it's going to be more sci-fi than that. :-P

p.s.- i was in a car with my mom and the radio was playing "drain the blood". my mom asked if it was courtney's new song... bahaha!
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