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[28 Aug 2003|10:33pm]


BodyPUNKS.com for Body Jewelry
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[05 Jun 2003|05:28pm]

Check out dyed_and_vain.

[[maintainer]] [10 Apr 2003|03:54pm]

.. well, one of them anyway.

it has occurred to me that this comm needs looking after, since i was only reminded of it's existance the other day.

this is just to say that if you need anything/feel anything needs doing to this thing, tell me.

<3 pip xxx

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[27 Mar 2003|09:59am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

high heels and low lives::a community with no rules::a community for badass girls (and boys) like you::a community to learn how to be even MORE HOTTTTT::a community to trade hair color, lipstick, lyrics, recipes and bad karma::

join, join, join


edit::i know now that the promo or whatever may have implied that i am a dunce, but to quote myself from earlier today:

\well, actually, no, orginality is not the aim of my community, nor do i think it should be. the aim of my community is to empower women (and men, too, if they want to be empowered) through learning a new definition of pretty (hence the name). like pretty means self sufficient, supportive, logical, emotional, angry, etc. like reowning an oppressive word. so, yes, it's feminist, and YES it's third wave so there's also stuff about makeup and sexuality, and maybe that's not original at all. GOOD. when it's not original to see a community that empowers women, i think that's a great thing./

the community includes things about makeup, yeah, but also about how to cut your own hair, change a tire, make sorbet, etc. it was like three in the morning when i started using that promo, and two hours ago when i realized how misleading it was.

sorry for the sounding like a dunce thing. i was tired.

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[12 Mar 2003|11:34pm]

[ mood | bored ]

well, i'm new here. so hello.

these pictures aren't truly glamourous, but they're the closest i can find.Collapse )

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i feel like a rockstar [28 Feb 2003|04:57am]

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[11 Feb 2003|10:43am]



and also there's a meetup in B'ham!

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windows... [31 Jan 2003|08:44pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Sporg said s/he wanted these...Let's see ifI can do that "cut" thing right...

Read more...Collapse )

<3 Shannon
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[28 Jan 2003|09:24pm]

[ mood | awake ]

nuff said.

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beautifully sick art [12 Jan 2003|06:02pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

i am totally in love with this artist named Junko Mizuno that i found in an anime magazine.
her work is so sick and twisted...


she also did some manga art and several books...click below...

DiRtY dIrTy JaPaNeSe ArTCollapse )

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[11 Jan 2003|05:57pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey - I'm new to the community so I wanted to pop my head up and say hello. I'm 27 years old and I'm a MAC girl. Not too exciting but they let me keep my blue hair and I get good deals on great makeup, so all is good. :) I do a little digital art and cartooning on the side, mostly for myself. Once I get my act together I'll putting the finishing touches on my most recent web-endeavor... I'll post a link when I have more to share.

For now, here's a photo I took a while back of the best $10 boa I've ever seen:

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[12 Dec 2002|03:21pm]

i'm new to doing anything other than dying my hair, but i really want to do the whole fake.fall.extension thing but i have no clue where to start or anything - any help would be much appreciated - i'm not sure if i want something that is more permanent like extensions or something that i can put on and off - i am leaning more towards stuff that is braided too, but i honestally just want to learn some basics about the whole :accessory: that hair has become!

thanks guys!
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X POSTED [15 Nov 2002|02:24am]
From today's photo shoot:

Photography by sourgirli
More pics will be up in my photo journal, angstcore, in the next few days.

+Collapse )
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[09 Nov 2002|07:30am]

Photography by sourgirli
More at angstcore
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[03 Nov 2002|11:53pm]

i apologize in advance for cross posting...

as i have mentioned, i am a fashion design student in the south florida area (U.S.), and i need some help from the multitude of other fashion/creative people who are out there (and in these communities). until recently i have not been too interested in purchasing items online, but i have caved into the idea. so if possible i would love any site suggestions on the following things:
- vinyl by the yard
- boot making
- wing production
- the best ways to sew/construct with vinyl and other synthetic fabrics of the same nature
- feathers
- leather by the yard
- colour contacts
- falls/hairpieces
- tattoos (more exotic, whimsical, astrological than "typical" tats)

**i would appreciate it if you could email me the links so i don't miss any of them. my email address is:raven137faerie@hotmail.com i cannot being to tell you how much this will help me - the sites can be world wide, i have a feeling i am going to have to go outside of my area anyway!

also - on more of a personal note - i have the WORST time trying to get my eyeshadow to not move once i put it on. it always :drifts: into the creases on my eyelids when they are open, so all you really see when my eyes are closed are these thin dark lines of shadow. now, i KNOW you guys know what i am talking about - soooo please if you have any tips that combat this make-up disaster!!

thank you so much for reading through this long post, and i cannot tell you have much this information will help me along with my designs!!

*once i get a site up and running with my garments, i'll figure out a way that you wonderful helper bees can get a discount or something fun!!*
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[29 Oct 2002|01:53pm]

ok you little glittery cuntrags

I want to know all about your eye make up. Do you glitteryfy, jewellerize or attack with eyeliner?
and/or all three plus more ind ifferent combinations.

exploooore the eyeshadow...or something.
And pictures would be pretty.
yesyes. I want pictures of your EYES
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[29 Oct 2002|05:24pm]

Photography by sourgirli
More at my photo journal, angstcore.
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[22 Oct 2002|06:01am]

apologies in advance for cross posting everyone

hi everyone! i'm new to the community, so i thought i would introduce myself a little bit. i'm twenty.one years old and a fashion design student in fort.lauderdale, florida, usa. i'm always looking for hot links and ideas for great clothing, shoes, accessories, make.up, whatever...

i design mostly fetish wear and two :self: titled styles of elegant gothic lolita (term via fruits) and heroin industrial (imaging crossing heroin sheik and cyber industrial). i am forever being inspired by all sorts of images/colours and i know you all have some great places that you find your clothes!

it's great to be here and *hopefully* within the next few months i'll have some of my items online for sale if all goes as well as it is currently.

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[19 Oct 2002|10:53am]
Just letting every one know that my photo journal is starting to take shape. There are only 2 sample sets up atm, but feel free to take a look. You can find it at angstcore
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do it. [14 Oct 2002|01:05am]

[ mood | determined ]

rawk on...eveyone should click this...

click here to earn one dollar for breast cancer research...for just clicking!

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